Tareq Emtairah, Project Developer of AREE (Jordan)

I write this letter in my capacity as the owner and developer of the Aqaba green building project (AREE). AREE is a model building in terms of energy and water efficiency in the 9th district of Aqaba city. I contracted Matilda Nilsson of Biotopia to develop a water efficient garden concept for AREE in 2007 because of her initial enthusiasm from draught resistance gardening. Since then, she had developed and executed a winning garden concept for AREE to the great satisfaction of all actors who have been involved in the project including the builders, the architect and MED-ENEC (the funding organization).

The garden has been profiled in numerous magazines and specialty sites, accredited with the attention paid to esthetics, harmony with local landscape and plants and its contribution to the energy and water efficiency concept of the building.

I have been very lucky with Matilda’s choice. She not only developed a winning concept in terms of the set criteria, but she also demonstrated great technical and people’s skills and dedication to the project. Her knowledge of plans and specifically drought resistant ones specific to the region was impressive. With limited Arabic language, she managed to communicate with the local gardeners and win their support and dedication to help execute the project in short time. Furthermore, she continued to follow up on the project beyond the formal commitments to make sure that all who are involved in future follow up care of the garden are trained on the unique requirements of the project.

It was pleasant working with Matilda. In her professional conduct she showed clear and consistent communication, sensitivity to local customs and innovativeness in terms of dealing with unexpected circumstances.

Tareq Emtairah
Assistant Professor
IIIEE at Lund University, Sweden
Tel: +46 704 567 483
Email: tareq.emtairah@iiiee.lu.se


Florentine Visser, Architect and Project Manager of AREE (Jordan)

As the project manager and architect for the Aqaba Residence Energy Efficiency (AREE) project I started working with Matilda Nilsson in 2007 on the garden design. The specific nature of the project required not only water efficient landscaping and roof garden design, the full grown garden had to provide shade on to the building for energy efficiency reasons.

Matilda Nilsson made a very nice and functional composition of local and local adapted plants, providing an attractive garden around the year. Therefore the garden is an added value of the project, inline with the sustainable concept of the building.

During the construction in 2008 Matilda managed to get the garden concept executed, despite of local challenges that had to be overcome, which required flexibility, persuedance and convincing skills to maintain the intended quality.

In the years after, every time she traveled to Jordan, she visited the project to assist in the maintenance and to provide training for the garden keeper when required.

Together with her knowledge of plants, soil composition, design skills, practical attitude, dedication and pleasant personality, it is with pleasure that I recommend Matilda Nilsson for other projects.

Florentine Visser
MED ENEC Key Expert Low Energy housing & Urban Planning
Email: florentine.visser@gtz.de / florentine_jordan@yahoo.com

C/O German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) GmbH
4D El Gezira Street – 11211 Zamalek – Cairo
M: +20 12 881 4483 / +20 176463330

M: +962(0)79 6501078


Anette Åkerström, Horticulturist and Founder of Trädgårdsakademin (Sweden)

Trädgårdsakademin is a Swedish educator in the fields of horticultural management and landscape design. Our students are private individuals as well as entrepreneurs and our courses hold a generally high quality using experienced lecturers educated at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Trädgårdsakademin has contracted Biotopia since 2006 for teaching and production of course material regarding landscape design, plant- and habitat knowledge. Throughout the years Biotopia has proved to deliver high quality and branch specific expertise of significantly high value, always meeting deadlines on time and with great engagement to meet the needs of our clients as well as our own requirements. We can highly recommend Biotopia for horticultural knowledge in depth as well as high quality work in general.

Anette Åkerström
+46 (0)709 840 187


Kathrine Heiberg, Founder of Reteam Group (Sweden)

In 2009 we bought 12.000 sqm land, where we wanted to build our house. The land has been used for farming, so there were no garden, no trees or the like. The land is a hill side with a beautiful view. We wanted to keep the feeling of being in the countryside, but still make some private rooms. Furthermore we wanted to hide some of our neighbor’s buildings from our view.

We asked Matilda Nilsson, owner of Biotopia to make a landscaping plan for us. We are very happy that we chose Matilda. Not only did she do a fantastic job, it was also very easy to work with her. She really listened to what we wanted, and could transform our ideas into shapes, types of vegetation, and everything was presented in a very professional way.

I have worked with other landscape architects before, private as well as in my job, but no one has had this holistic approach understanding and combining all aspects of our ideas, the landscape, the budget and vegetation as well as Matilda. We wish Matilda all the best, and feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Kathrine Heiberg
+45 29 91 50 89

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